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Most Beautiful Romantic Garden in the world!


The Eternal City


Cittadella Medievale

Ninfa's Garden

The garden of Ninfa was declared a Natural Monument by the Lazio Region in 2000 in order to protect the historic garden of international renown, the habitat consists of the river nymph, the surface of the lake formed by it and the surrounding areas constituting a natural protective frame complex.

Only 9 minutes from Villa Laura

Palazzo Caetani

Costruito nel 1560, per volontà di Bonifacio Caetani, e venne ultimato nel 1574. Il palazzo, i cui lavori furono diretti dall'architetto Francesco da Volterra fu fatto erigere sulle rovine dell'antica rocca dei Frangipane, di cui ha inglobato una torre quadrata in pietra, l'unico edificio sfuggito alle devastazioni precedenti.
I Caetani ne fecero la loro residenza principale per il dominio sui loro latifondi nelle paludi pontine e chiamarono ad abbellire la residenza diversi artisti come i fratelli Federico e Taddeo Zuccari, Girolamo Siciolante da Sermoneta e Stefano Duperac.

Only 2 minutes from Villa Laura


It was an ancient city of the Volsci tribe, and its status was influential in the time of King Ancus Marcius, enough to be on a par with Rome and has been the site of two historical battles in 1744 and 1849. In the Middle Ages it was one of the few “free cities” in Lazio and central Italy.

Only 11 minutes from Villa Laura


Latina is the capital of the province of Latina in the Lazio region, in central Italy. Latina is thus the second-largest city of the region, after the national capital Rome. It was founded in 1932 under the fascist administration, as Littoria, when the area surrounding it, which had been a swamp since antiquity, was drained.

Only 13 minutes from Villa Laura


Sermoneta has an urban structure completely gathered into the boundary walls. Most interesting places to see are the “Loggia dei Mercanti” (Merchants’ loggia), once town hall, St. Francis’ convent, in which you can see a 500 years old ilex, the St. Mary collegiate church (“Collegiata di Santa Maria”), the “Annibaldi’s door”, the ex Synagogue, the churchs dedicated to St. Michael Archangel, the Virgin of the Graces (“Madonna delle Grazie”), St. Joseph, in which there are some frescos by the artist Gerolamo Siciolante, and St. Mary (“Chiesa dell’Annunziata”), in which, in De Marchis’ chapel, there is the beautiful “Virgin of the Angels”, tempera painted by Benozzo Gozzoli in 1457. In this painting you can see the Virgin helding Sermoneta in her lap; it was ordered as a token of thanksgiving after the city escaped an awful plague’s epidemic.

On the top of the city there is the Castani castle, stronghold probably built in the XI secolo, with his 42 metres donjon. In the Pitte halls there are XV century frescos attributed to Pinturicchio’school; in the Cardinal’s hall there is the “Madonna with the Baby and St Peter, St. Stephen and St. John” (also known as “Pala Caetani” or “Valvisciolo’s Pala”), painted by Siciolante in 1541 by order of Camillo Caetani. This painting’s preparatory drawing, realized with pen, water-colour and charcoal on paper, is in the drawing’s closet in the Louvre Museum.

Only 18 minutes from Villa Laura

Rainbow MagicLand

Opened May 26, 2011, this playground of magic-themed covers an area of ​​600,000 square meters of enchanted castles, adventurers, fairies, witches and Vikings.

Only 25 minutes from Villa Laura


The city that doesn't need introduction: two thousand years of history, art and beauty about 50 Km far from Villa Laura. Our B&B is 900mt from Cisterna's Rail station, from which you can reach Rome in about 30 minutes by train.

Only 30 minutes from Villa Laura

Anzio e Nettuno

Spiaggie, mare e storia in due città uniche in Italia.

Only 30 minutes from Villa Laura

Rocca Massima & il Volo dell'Angelo

Rocca Massima, il più alto comune della provincia di Latina (poco meno di 800 metri), domina dall'alto del Monte Massimo (ultimo contrafforte a nord ovest dei Monti Lepini) a ovest la Pianura Pontina dal Circeo, lungo la costa di Nettuno, Anzio fino a Lavinio.
La fune aerea denominata "Flying in the sky" è la più lunga al mondo con 2213 metri di cavo ad estenzione unica e velocità massima di 140km/h.

Only 32 minutes from Villa Laura

Cinecittà World

Parco Divertimenti a Tema interimente dedicato al mondo del Cinema.

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Only 54 minutes from Villa Laura


Only 56 minutes from Villa Laura